Cooling System Service

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Joshua Wilson



This eLearning course examines strategies for properly diagnosing and servicing the engine cooling system. Upon completion of this course, you’ll be able to identify symptoms of engine cooling failures, perform a visual inspection of the cooling system and diagnose cooling system concerns using available tools and tests. You’ll also learn the steps involved to repair and replace engine cooling system components and learn the steps involved to test, diagnose, exchange, flush and bleed coolant. A demonstration of the air purging process along with safety precautions is also provided.



Areas covered:
• Diagnosing radiator using visual inspection
• Diagnosing thermostat using boiling water test 
• Radiator removal procedure 
• Radiator installation procedure 
• Thermostat removal procedure 
• Thermostat installation procedure 
• Heater/water control valve removal procedure 
• Heater/water control valve installation procedure 
• Diagnosing cooling system using systematic process 
• Diagnosing cooling system using symptom-based troubleshooting chart 
• Diagnosing cooling system using visual inspection 
• Diagnosing cooling system using pressure gauge 
• Diagnosing cooling system using infrared thermometer 
• Servicing cooling system using drain and fill exchange 
• Service cooling system using system flush


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate Garage Gurus Certificate

Cooling System Service
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