Understanding Strategy Based Diagnostics

1 module


Course Length
60 mins

Kevin Treanor




This eLearning course provides the technician with a logical systematic approach to diagnosis vehicle concerns with accuracy. This course explains in detail the seven steps associated with this process.


Areas covered:
• Characteristics of SBD
• SBD Step 1: verify concern
• SBD Step 2: quick checks/visual inspection
• SBD Step 3: bulletins and service information
• SBD Step 4: DTC and system checks
• SBD Step 5: symptom-based diagnostic
• SBD Step 6: analyze results
• SBD Step 7: verify repair


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate Garage Gurus Certificate

Understanding Strategy-Based Diagnostics
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This training is laid out very well and concise. Thanks!
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