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Length approx. 30 minutes   This eLearning course discuss the steps involved to tear down the Ford 6.0L Power Stroke engine. Due to the size of the engine and the tight packaging between the frame rails, it is oftentimes easier to remove the cab of the truck when majorly servicing engine components such as cylinder heads. The steps involved for this procedure are discussed while demonstrating some shortcuts along the way. During the teardown process, several other key areas of concern on the 6.0L Power Stroke engine are highlighted.  Read More

This eLearning course provides an understanding of automotive fuel injection systems. Several topics will be covered including: the benefits of fuel injection systems, the various types of fuel injection systems and their characteristics, and the components used in fuel injection systems. Component locations along with their purposes are discussed. System operation is also covered. Read More

Fuel trim data analysis is one of the most critical tools for drivability diagnosis and is thoroughly explained in this eLearning course. Diagnosis of fuel system pressure concerns for port fuel injection and gasoline direct injection fuel systems are identified and the use of the latest diagnostic tools are demonstrated through animations and videos. The causes of intake valve and combustion chamber carbon deposits are explained and a step-by-step video demonstrates walnut blasting cleaning procedures. Read More

Length approx. 30 minutes This eLearning course is designed with a combination of digital media and online testing to enhance the technician’s ability to identify and explain the major components in a vehicle brake system. Read More

Head Gasket Replacement Tips Read More

Length approx. 15-20 minutes When inspecting vehicle suspension, it is critical to measure vehicle ride height. Ride height can dramatically impact the alignment, the directional ability, stopping distances and steering. This eLearning course covers how to properly measure vehicle ride height when inspecting shocks and struts. Read More

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