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This course demonstrates how computers control ignition timing, fuel and air delivery, and emissions. Topics include sensors, ECMs, output devices, closed-loop strategies, and adaptive logic. It focuses on common components and solutions that are employed by all manufacturers to comply with OBD I and OBD II standards. Read More

Engine Performance-DTC vs No DTC Diagnosis Read More

Clinic Length: Approx. 3 hours Tuition $100.00 Training Location: Auto Tech Services 18225 Pendleton Street SW Rochester, WA  98579 This clinic is designed to aid technicians in the understanding of how to diagnose and repair today’s Evaporative Emission Control Systems. We will cover several types of Enhanced Evaporative Emission systems with a focus placed on Leak Detection Pumps (LDP) and Evaporative System Integrity Modules (ESIM). We will also discuss operating strategies for Engine Off Natural Vacuum (EONV) systems and Natural Vacuum Leak Detection (NVLD) systems. Leak testing procedures using smoke test equipment will be reviewed and discussed. Diagnostic methods for quickly pinpointing the cause of common EVAP DTC’s will be highlighted. DTC interpretation defining electrical and mechanical component faults will be reviewed to aid in streamlining diagnostic processes. After completing this seminar, the student will have the knowledge to: Identify the type of enhanced EVAP system being diagnosed Use the OBD II monitors to aid in diagnosis and testing Utilize scan tool bi-directional controls for testing Test for small and large EVAP leaks using smoke tests Determine the most effective and time saving ‘next step’ in the diagnostic process Read More

Fasteners, Seals, and Gaskets  Read More

Fire Extinguisher Read More

Fluid Leak Diagnosis  Read More

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