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Engine Performance-DTC vs No DTC Diagnosis Read more

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Fluid Leak Diagnosis  Read more

This eLearning course covers the symptoms and preliminary diagnostics of a Ford Power Stroke 6.0L diesel truck that has a leaking cylinder head gasket concern. Different diagnostic tests that can be performed through use of the scan tool to aid in the validation of a failed cylinder head gasket are covered. The Power Stroke 6.0L Ford diesel engine has a host of inherent engine design flaws. Many different components of this engine architecture that can create similar symptoms to those you would experience on an application with failed head gaskets are examined. Read more

This eLearning course covers the steps involved to inspect all of the engine components after the cylinder heads have been removed from the Ford Power Stroke 6.0L diesel engine. Specific cleaning procedures necessary to prepare the engine parts for inspection are covered as well as procedures involved for checking the cylinder heads and engine block for flatness and straightness. Magnetic particle testing is performed to validate cylinder head casting integrity. The steps involved to pressure test the cylinder heads to test for cracks and coolant leak paths is reviewed. After all these tests are performed, it’s time to decide if the parts are able to reinstalled. Read more

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