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Garage Gurus® is an industry-leading training and support platform created to address the skills gap and technician shortages facing the automotive service industry.

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Length approx. 15-20 minutes When inspecting vehicle suspension, it is critical to measure vehicle ride height. Ride height can dramatically impact the alignment, the directional ability, stopping distances and steering. This course will cover how to properly measure vehicle ride height when inspecting shocks and struts. Read More

This bundle includes all HVAC-related eLearning courses at a discounted price. • Air Conditioning Fundamentals • Cooling System Operation • Cooling System Service • HVAC System Service • Introduction to HVAC Read More

This eLearning course covers how to identify fundamental heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system components. Component diagnostics and service procedures are highlighted and explained. Proper AC system recovery methods and equipment are reviewed. Automotive refrigerant types are explained as are their operating characteristics. Additionally, an overview of pertinent safety precautions and recommended service procedures for HVAC systems is provided. Engine cooling system components are also reviewed and discussed.   Read More

This eLearning course examines general characteristics of hybrid vehicles, characteristics and modes of operation of parallel, and series/parallel hybrid vehicles, and applications that use hybrid technology. Power electric concepts will be discussed. Idle stop, regenerative braking, motor assist and Engine-Off Drive (EV Mode) strategies are reviewed. Read More

This eLearning course gives information about safety practices while working on and around hybrid vehicles. These practices include general safety tips, personal protection awareness, hybrid hazard awareness, warning labels, chemical spills,and things to be aware of during a vehicle’s service and operation. The procedure for disabling and enabling a hybrid vehicle is also covered.   Read More

This eLearning course walks you through the components of the modern Automotive Emissions Control System, taking you inside the anatomy of a catalytic converter and outlining some of the critical factors that affect catalyst failure. Read More

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