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Garage Gurus® is an industry-leading training and support platform created to address the skills gap and technician shortages facing the automotive service industry.

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This course will walk you through the components of the modern Automotive Emissions Control System, take you inside the Anatomy of a Converter and will also outline some of the critical factors that effect Catalyst Failure. Read More

Este curso lo familiarizara con los componentes de un moderno Sistema de Control de Emisiones Automotriz, lo llevara a conocer la Anatomía de un Convertidor Catalítico y analizara algunos de los factores que contribuyen a las fallas en el Catalítico. Read More

Automotive manufacturers use many different types of diagrams and schematics. While standards vary quite a bit, many conventions are fairly standard throughout the industry.  This course provides foundational training that enables technicians to interpret any manufacturer’s diagrams to troubleshoot basic electrical problems.  Topics include: symbols, conventions, connector views, wire colors, circuit protection devices, power flow, splices, grounds, off-page connectors, and tracing circuits. Read More

This eLearning course covers the different sealing segments where opportunities for gasket sales exist. It includes a discussion of market trends and an overview of Fel-Pro® sealing products for the engine repair, leak repair and system-specific repair segments. A five-question quiz immediately follows, covering content discussed within this online course. Read More

One module of a 10-module series that will educate Store Managers on fundamentals and best practices related to hiring, leading, and managing store personnel.  Includes topics such as recruiting the right personnel for the job, balancing management and mentoring, motivating a team through strong leadership, and developing employees through performance feedback. Read More

Lamp, Bulb, and Fuse Replacement  Read More

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