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Clinic Length: Approx. 4 hours Training Location: Universal Technical Institute 750 Pennsylvania Drive Exton, PA  19341 In this clinic, we will present how to set up and operate a lab scope for the purpose of testing automotive sensors and components of various types. As the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” We cover set up procedures, voltage and time basesettings, and waveform capturing techniques. Waveforms captured from many different component types are reviewed to differentiate ‘good’ and ‘bad’ waveforms. A color clinic book is provided showcasing popular aftermarket lab scope waveforms for take home reference. After completing this clinic, the student will have the knowledge to: Set up and capture automotive waveforms using a lab scope Configure lab scope settings for optimized viewing of waveforms Properly connect a lab scope to various solenoids, actuators, speed and position sensors and DC motors found under hood and undercar Identify when going for the lab scope is necessary Utilize multiple channels of the lab scope to aid in diagnostic situation Read More

This course introduces basic air conditioning and heating concepts and theory. It provides a brief explanation of the principles of heat and heat transfer, temperature and pressure relationships, state change, refrigerant properties, and component functions and operation. It applies these principles to an overall explanation of how the refrigeration system and air management and distribution systems work. Specific topics include CCOT, VDOT, and TXV systems. Read More

Hybrid fundamentals and how to safely perform hybrid service procedures. Read More

Part 3 of a 3-part series of courses that will guide Field Managers towards success in their dynamic roles. Read More

One module of a 10-module series that will educate Store Managers on fundamentals and best practices related to hiring, leading, and managing store personnel.  Includes topics such as recruiting the right personnel for the job, balancing management and mentoring, motivating a team through strong leadership, and developing employees through performance feedback. Read More

This eLearning course walks you through the components of the modern Automotive Emissions Control System, taking you inside the anatomy of a catalytic converter and outlining some of the critical factors that affect catalyst failure. Read More

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