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Troubleshooting ABS Problems Read More

Length approx. 15-20 minutes In this course, we’ll look at common foundation brake friction and drum wear and failure modes. We’ll also talk about the likely causes of each issue and how to prevent future problems Read More

This course covers both fixed and variable geometry turbochargers. The course will give the technician the information necessary to understand the theory and operation of turbocharged air induction systems. This course  provides instruction on techniques for diagnosing the turbocharger using visual inspection and symptom based- diagnosis.  A diagnostic approach is defined for both fixed and variable geometry turbochargers is explained using Strategy Based Diagnosis (SBD) principles within a series of videos.   Read More

This course is a detailed breakdown of the components and technology behind twin tube shocks and struts. We will discuss the functions, benefits and features of twin tube shocks and struts along with detailed diagrams and video of them in action. Read More

This course is designed to give a brief overview of the key components of the modern exhaust system, with emphasis on the technologies used to reduce or eliminate sound waves within a muffler. Key learning points include types of sound cancellation, how these technologies work, and how these components work with the rest of the exhaust system to safely carry exhaust gasses and sound waves to the rear of a vehicle. Read More

This course provides the technician with a logical systematic approach to diagnosis vehicle concerns with accuracy.  This course will explain the 7 steps associated with this process and are explained in detail • Verify Concern • Quick Checks/Visual Inspection • DTCs and System Checks • Check Service Bulletins • Symptom-Based Diagnostic Charts • Isolate the Root Cause and Repair • Review the Concern and Verify Repair   Read More

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