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Garage Gurus® is an industry-leading training and support platform created to address the skills gap and technician shortages facing the automotive service industry.

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This course will cover the different vehicle dynamics and suspension types. You will gain a basic understanding of each type of suspension and how they work. Read More

Length approx. 30 minutes This online course is designed with a combination of digital media and online testing to enhance the technician’s ability to identify the features and benefits of Wagner Brand products. After completing this workshop, the student will have the knowledge to: • Explain why Wagner is a leading brand in braking • Describe types of application specific friction material Ceramic Semi-metallic • Understand the brake product technical term ‘Post cured’ • Explain the Wagner Brake friction line description OEX TQ QS SD • Present Low & No-Copper compliance • Present Premium Rotors Read More

Length approx. 15-20 minutes In this course, you’ll learn how to properly install wheel end oil bath seals. We will go over the proper methods for preparing the spindle and the hub. We’ll also cover installation of hub mounted seals and bearings, as well as spindle mounted seals and bearings. Finally, we’ll reassemble the wheel end. Read More

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