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Garage Gurus® is an industry-leading training and support platform created to address the skills gap and technician shortages facing the automotive service industry.

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This course is a detailed breakdown of the components and technology behind monotube shocks and struts. We will discuss the functions, benefits, and features of monotube shocks and struts along with detailed diagrams and video of them in action. Read more

Este curso hace un análisis detallado de los componentes y tecnología de los amortiguadores de tipo monotubo. Destacaremos funciones, beneficios, y características de estos, utilizando diagramas detallados y video de cómo funcionan. Read more

This course is intended for entry-level Technicians. This process is designed to improve the quality and thoroughness of maintenance services performed by technicians. These services include: 1. Fluid Checks 2. Battery Inspection 3. Tire Service 4. Brake Lining Inspection 5. Undercar Checks 6. Engine Oil and Filter Service Read more

This course provides an introductory guide to the diagnosis and repair of modern automotive emission control systems.  Technicians will learn how complex systems function and can be diagnosed with scan tools. It explains the operation of the OBD II system. Topics include the history of On-Board Diagnostics, emissions control, scan tools, sensors, processors, outputs, continuous monitors, fault codes, memory codes, and streaming data. Read more

Personal Protection Equipment  Read more

One module of a 10-module series that will educate Store Managers on fundamentals and best practices related to hiring, leading, and managing store personnel.  Includes topics such as recruiting the right personnel for the job, balancing management and mentoring, motivating a team through strong leadership, and developing employees through performance feedback. Read more

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