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Este curso es un pequeño video donde se habla de los diferentes aspectos del Triángulo de Seguridad. Cubriremos como los tres lados del triángulo afectan el desempeño del vehículo. Read More

This eLearning course explains the theory of tire balancing and demonstrates how to set up and use the Hunter DSP9200 tire balancer. Examples of navigating the control monitor software are detailed along with how to prepare the wheel and tire for balancing. Conducting a centering check, interpreting where to locate the inboard and outboard weights and resolving balance issues are discussed in an informative video. Learning checks are used throughout the presentation.  Read More

This course describes road force variation and how it can be minimized or eliminated by using the Road Force® Elite Diagnostic Tire Balancer. The laser tire measurement system, Roadforce load wheel measurement, and StraighTrak software are explained and demonstrated.  A detailed step-by-step video demonstrates match mounting procedures to minimize force variation and how the machine is used to reduce the effects of tire pull. Learning checks reinforce the information covered.  Read More

This course begins by detailing the various tire designs and terminology necessary to effectively diagnose and service tires and wheels. Beginning with a careful visual inspection, the technician learns to read the tire sidewall codes and how to deal with different Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) transmitters during service. Customer satisfaction is assured by selecting the correct tire for the application and knowing how to mount it properly. Proper use of the Hunter TC-3900 tire machine is demonstrated within this course and learning checks are used to validate the information being presented. Read More

This eLearning course introduces you to tire pressure monitoring systems. This course also discusses the characteristics, operation, diagnosis and servicing of many commonly used tire pressure monitoring systems. Various sensor relearn procedures are defined. Common failures of these systems are discussed.   Read More

Troubleshooting ABS Problems Read More

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