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This online course will review the needs for passing the P2 Parts Specialist ASE Test. This course includes reviewing several ASE sample questions. After selecting a choice the learner will see the correct answer and then be provided definition as to why the other answers were incorrect.  Description and operation for the following items taken from the task list for the ASE P2 test are reviewed.   Read More

This bundle includes all ASE Technician Test Preparation content available at a discounted price! ASE Technician Test Preparation A1 Engine Repair ASE Technician Test Preparation A2 Automatic Transmissions and Transaxles ASE Technician Test Preparation A3 Manual Drive Trains and Axles ASE Technician Test Preparation A4 Suspension and Steering ASE Technician Test Preparation A5 Brakes ASE Technician Test Preparation A6 Electricity and Electronics ASE Technician Test Preparation A7 Heating and Air Conditioning ASE Technician Test Preparation A8 Engine Performance ASE Technician Test Preparation A9 Light Vehicle Diesel Engines ASE Technician Test Preparation C1 Service Consultant ASE Technician Test Preparation G1 Automotive Maintenance and Light Repair ASE Technician Test Preparation L1 Advanced Engine Performance ASE Technician Test Preparation P2 Parts Specialist   Read More

This course will provide an overview of fuels used in automotive/light truck applications. After completing this course, you will be able to identify: automotive/light truck fuel terminology, the types of fuels used in automotive/light truck applications along with their characteristics, the types of fuel additives used in fuels and their purposes, and service considerations surrounding automotive/light truck fuel systems.   Read More

This course will provide an overview of the use of the Digital Multimeter (DMM) as it is used in automotive applications. This course includes an overview of various types meters, the use of DMM's in diagnostic applications, and proper use and care of electrical meters. Various automotive electrical circuits are discussed.   Read More

This course reviews shop safety regulations including Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), proper ventilation, lifting procedures, and handling hazardous material. Additionally, the course contains information on shop safety and personal protection equipment. Procedures and equipment on fire prevention, first aid and hybrid safety are also included.     Read More

This course provides a description of the purpose, types, and characteristics of today's automotive batteries. An overview of the components tied to vehicle charging systems is reviewed and system operation of the charging system is discussed. Modern day starting systems and the electrical circuitry included are reviewed. Proper service of starting systems is covered.   Read More

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