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This course covers the functions of the three major automatic transmission systems: the torque converter, gear sets, and the hydraulic control system.  Technicians will be able to describe torque converter operation, identify the operation of devices (like clutches and bands), and identify the components in a basic planetary gear set and describe their operation. Read More

This 13 module series introduces technicians to basic vehicle maintenance concepts and procedures related to the following topics: 1. Air and Cabin Filter 2. Lamp, Bulb, and Fuse Replacement 3. Wipers 4. Fasteners, Seals, and Gaskets 5. Maintenance Underhood 6. Behind the Wheel Maintenance 7. Maintenance Undercar 8. Transmission Flush 9. Coolant Flush 10. Belts and Hoses 11. Battery Service 12. Tire Removal and Installation 13. Tire Mounting and Dismounting Read More

Battery Fundamentals Read More

This course covers the function, operation, and basic maintenance of starting and charging systems. Technicians also learn differences between types of batteries and proper battery maintenance and charging procedures. Read More

Behind The Wheel Maintenance  Read More

Belt & Hose Replacement  Read More

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