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This course is a brief summary of the inner workings of modern exhaust systems. It covers basic information from catalytic converters to O2 sensors. Read More

This course presents a description of the engine cooling system and how the system operates. Topics include types of engine cooling systems, cooling system characteristics, characteristics of the different types of coolants (IAT, OAT, HOAT, PHOAT), and descriptions of each cooling system component. The course also covers how the cooling system operates—the flow of coolant through each component: radiator, water pump, coolant passages, thermostat, heater core, heater control valve, hoses/pipes, overflow bottle, radiator cap, and cooling fan(s).    Read More

This course will provide automotive technicians with information on properly diagnosing and servicing the engine cooling system. Upon completion of this course you will be able to identify symptoms of engine cooling failures, perform a visual inspection of the cooling system, and diagnose cooling system concerns using available tools and tests. You will also learn the steps involved to repair and replace engine cooling system components and learn the steps involved to test, diagnose, exchange, flush, and bleed coolant . A demonstration of the air purging process along with safety precautions is provided.     Read More

This short 5 minute module is designed to help you navigate and understand the changing emissions regulations.  Includes the step by step process to identify the correct catalytic converter for the vehicle depending on whether the vehicle is California emissions, CARB certified, or EPA emissions certified.  This course also discusses current regulations for the state of California and New York. Read More

This course provides an introduction to the skills and knowledge needed to diagnose trouble codes/DTCS to repair concerns related to emissions and drivability on vehicles equipped with an On-Board Diagnostics engine management system.   Read More

This video based course is designed to supplement "The Direct Fit Opportunity". It will lay out and physically show you the the simple and quick step by step instructions for the complete installation of a Direct Fit Catalytic Converter on a popular application. Read More

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