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Recommended Prerequisites: •    Fundamentals of Automotive Brake Systems (BRK.201 LMS)  •    Brake Systems, Inspection and Service (BRK.202 LMS) This eLearning course is designed with a combination of digital media and online testing to enhance the student’s ability to identify disc brake friction pad wear. Cause, effect and symptoms of irregular brake pad wear are all covered. Quality brake service procedures will be identified. Read more

Brake Lathe Safety Read more

Learn the steps necessary to properly machine rotors and drums in this eLearning course. Focus is on eliminating brake noise problems after the brake job, as well as proper lathe settings and lathe maintenance. Correct set up of the on-car lathe is demonstrated to eliminate the apprehension many technicians have of using this equipment. This course targets both the entry level brake technician as well as the experienced brake technician. Students who take this course will have an opportunity to view brake rotor and brake drum inspection and the machining process.   Read more

This eLearning course reviews the operation of the brake hydraulic system and the correct way to bleed air from the system during service. Advantages of using gravity bleeding, pedal pressure bleeding, and vacuum bleeding procedures are explained and compared. Identifying when to use the scan tool to activate the ABS pump motor and solenoids during the bleeding process is explained. Learning checks are used to reinforce the procedures discussed. Read more

Recommended Prerequisite: • Fundamentals of Automotive Brake Systems (BRK.201 LMS) This eLearning course is designed with a combination of digital media and online testing to enhance the technician’s ability to identify proper inspection and service procedures for complete front disc brake service. Read more

This course covers foundational knowledge about brakes: hydraulic systems, drum and disc brakes, parking brake mechanisms, power brakes, master cylinders and proportioning valves. It covers variations in designs of various drum and disc brake systems as well as parking brake mechanisms. Read more

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