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This interactive and video based course is designed to cover the benefits and opportunities available in the exhaust/emission control market that are now available due to direct fit catalytic converters and mufflers. No pipe bender, no welder, no problem! You don't need to send that exhaust job down the road any more. Read More

This bundle includes all offered drivability related content available at a discounted price! 5 Basic Emissions Control Diagnostic Checks Automotive Fuels Diagnosis of DTC's Determining the Correct Replacement Catalytic Converter Emissions Engine Management Systems Fuel Injection System Theory  Turbocharging Induction Understanding Strategy Based Diagnostics Read More

This course is brief overview of the new offerings available for late model American Muscle cars and some footage testing them out. Nothing like burning some rubber! Read More

Shocks and struts are an integral component of steering, stopping and stability. This course will highlights a few key areas impacted by worn out ride control. Read More

This bundle includes all offered steering and suspension related content available at a discounted price! Automotive Meters Battery,Starting and Charging Testing Electrical Components Electrical Sensors Electrical Theory Electromagnetism Hybrid Safety Overview Hybrid Fundamentals Introduction to Electrical Testing Read More

This course will provide a familiarity of automotive electrical systems, including: an overview of wire types and wire sizes used in automotive electrical circuits. A discussion of basic electrical circuit components and their functions. Solid state electrical circuit components and their functions are also discussed.   Read More

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