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Being a better brake tech comes down to what you know. Garage Gurus eLearning online brake training is the fast, easy way to get the advanced brake systems and service knowledge it takes to perform safety-critical brake services with total confidence. You can learn anytime and anywhere that’s convenient for you—and for a limited time, you can save 25% off of the normal tuition when you enter the coupon code GURUS25 at checkout. Get started today! This bundle includes all of the Braking online courses at a discounted price: • ABS Systems • Accident Avoidance Systems  • Basic Shop Safety • Brake Assist Systems • Brake Friction Wear Analysis • Brake Rotor and Drum Machining • Brake System Bleeding • Brake Systems, Inspection and Service • Fundamentals of Automotive Brake Systems • Troubleshooting Commercial Vehicle Friction and Drum Problems • Troubleshooting ABS Problems • Wheel End Seal Installation - Commercial Vehicle Read More

Clinic Length: Approx. 3 hours Since many newer vehicles can have 30 or more onboard computers, this clinic helps technicians understand, identify and diagnose CAN (Controller Area Network) vehicle communication networks. We review network fundamentals to help the technician understand the need, strategy and protocol of CAN. To aid in diagnostics, various types of network topologies are reviewed and explained. To help pinpoint CAN failures, several electrical circuit integrity test methods are outlined to validate root cause of CAN communication failures. Application of the diagnostic strategies are highlighted through vehicle Case Studies shown throughout this seminar.   After completing this clinic, the student will have the knowledge to: Identify Network type and topology Utilize the proper tools and test procedures when diagnosing network fault Diagnose ‘U’ code failures on CAN networks Test for ‘No Communication’ faults on CAN networks Read More

This eLearning course is a brief summary of the inner workings of modern exhaust systems. It covers basic information from catalytic converters to O2 sensors.  Read More

This course is a brief summary of the inner workings of modern exhaust systems. It covers basic information from catalytic converters to O2 sensors. Read More

Este curso hace un resumen detallado de cómo trabaja un moderno sistema de escape. Cubriremos información básica sobre convertidores catalíticos y sensores de oxígeno. Read More

This eLearning course presents a description of the engine cooling system and how the system operates. Topics include types of engine cooling systems, cooling system characteristics, characteristics of the different types of coolants (IAT, OAT, HOAT, PHOAT) and descriptions of each cooling system component. The course also covers how the cooling system operates—the flow of coolant through each component: radiator, water pump, coolant passages, thermostat, heater core, heater control valve, hoses/pipes, overflow bottle, radiator cap and cooling fan(s).  Read More

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