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Computer Systems Read More

This course covers technical information and diagnostic concepts related to CAN data vehicle communications.  Topics include the benefits of CAN, CAN topologies and architectures, hi-speed and low-speed networks, redundancy and fail-safe designs, and how binary data is generated, transmitted, and interpreted. A primer on diagnostic strategies is included. Read More

Coolant Flush Procedure Read More

In this course, students will learn how to best handle challenging customer situations. Topics include identifying a dissatisfied customer, the importance of listening, how to communicate “no problem found” situations, de-escalating a conversation with an angry customer, proper documentation and thorough follow-up. Read More

Workshop Length: 4 days (32 hours) Tuition: $800.00 U.S. 3.2 CEUs awarded The workshop is designed with a combination of classroom and hands-on education for automotive technicians and machinists involved with cylinder head service and repair. Expand your knowledge of cylinder head reconditioning and sealing characteristics of head gaskets. Analyze components to identify required service and machining procedures. This class includes servicing aluminum and cast iron cylinder heads. Analyze different cleaning methods, milling, pressure testing, straightening, crack detection and repair. Repair techniques such as welding, oven straightening and stitching pins is discussed with hands-on demonstrations and shop activities. Hands-on experience is provided for aluminum and cast iron cylinder head reconditioning with quality parts, tools and equipment.   After completing this workshop, the student will have the knowledge to: Identify the correct cleaning procedure for cast iron and aluminum cylinder heads and their components to minimize time and prevent damage utilizing the following cleaning techniques: hot and cold wet cleaning, airless shot blasting, pyrolytic oven, glass beading and ultrasonic cleaning Perform critical measurements using various instruments — micrometers (inside diameter [I.D.] and outside diameter [O.D.]), vernier calipers and dial bore gauges Identify integrity of cylinder head components through specification measurements Perform failure analysis of cylinder head components (head gaskets and surface finish, valves, rocker arms, springs, retainers, guides and seats) Categorize cylinder head service steps in preparation for milling, pressure testing, straightening, crack detection and crack repair Differentiate techniques to repair cylinder heads in the areas of welding, oven and heat straightening, stitching pins and milling Employ various operations using equipment related to cylinder head reconditioning: Surface/Milling machine Crack detection and repair using stitching techniques Guide and seat machine Valve grinders Tig welding Apply experience to efficiently assemble cyli Read More

This short five-minute module is designed to help you navigate and understand the changing emissions regulations. Includes the step-by-step process to identify the correct catalytic converter for the vehicle depending on whether the vehicle is California emissions, CARB certified or EPA emissions certified. This course also discusses current regulations for the state of California and New York. Read More

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