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This course provides a description of the following components: •       Characteristics and operation of Hall-effect sensors and variable reluctance sensors •      Types of pressure measurement and pressure-sensing technology •      Common pressure sensors •      Types of temperature sensing technology •      Thermistor types and their function in circuits •      Common temperature sensors •      Types, applications, and operation of light sensors such as steering wheel angle sensors •      Types of oxygen sensors—zirconium, titanium, wideband—and their operation   Read More

This course will provide a familiarity of basic electrical theory and will include an overview of the principles of electricity. The properties of electricity, including current, resistance and power are also provided as well as a discussion of Ohm’s law and an overview of types of conductors, insulators, and semi-conductors.   Read More

This course will provide a familiarity with electromagnetism and the relationship between electricity and magnetism. Also provided is an overview of how magnetism influences the operation of relays and solenoids as well as how electromagnetic induction influences the operation of transformers and generators.   Read More

This course explains the 5 exhaust gases (HC, CO, O2, CO2 and NOx), how each is formed, and the relationship between the gases. Emission control system operation is discussed including positive crankcase ventilation, catalytic converters, EGR, VVT, air injection, evaporative emissions, and more. Basic diagnostic methods are explained for each system and learning checks are used to reinforce the concepts. This course will provide theory and operations of the Catalytic Converter as well as define a testing process to avoid replacing a good component.   Read More

This course provides an overview of engine management systems. Specific topics covered include: Engine management theory and characteristics, engine management modes of operation, and characteristics and functions of On-Board Diagnostics (OBD). Additionally, other related  engine performance systems are discussed such as CAN / BUS, cruise control, immobilizer, and traction control.   Read More

Length approx. 30 minutes This online course covers Fel-Pro gasket technologies, additional Fel-Pro features and benefits, the Fel-Pro part numbering/cataloging system, and more useful tips to help you exceed your customer’s expectations. A five-question quiz immediately follows, covering content discussed within this online course. Read More

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