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Garage Gurus® is an industry-leading training and support platform created to address the skills gap and technician shortages facing the automotive service industry.

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Shocks and struts are an integral component of steering, stopping and stability. This course will highlights a few key areas impacted by worn out ride control. Read More

Los Amortiguadores y Puntales son una parte integral del sistema de dirección, frenado y estabilidad. Este curso destaca algunas áreas afectadas por desgastes del sistema al manejar. Read More

Automotive electrical systems are always changing—and so are the skills you need to fix them. Garage Gurus online electrical systems training can show you how to master this complex, challenging subject so you can tackle any automotive electrical job with confidence. Learn at your own pace, when and where you want. And for a limited time, if you enter the coupon code GURUS25 when you register, you’ll save 25% off of the regular tuition! This bundle includes al of the Electrical online courses at a discounted price: • Automotive Meters • Battery, Starting, and Charging Testing • Electrical Components • Electrical Sensors • Electrical Theory • Electromagnetism • Hybrid Safety Overview • Hybrid Fundamentals • Introduction to Electrical Testing Read More

This eLearning course provides a familiarity of automotive electrical systems, including an overview of wire types and wire sizes used in automotive electrical circuits. It also features a discussion of basic electrical circuit components and their functions. Solid state electrical circuit components and their functions are also covered. Read More

This eLearning course examines the different types of automotive electrical sensors. Topics covered include: characteristics and operation of Hall-effect sensors and variable reluctance sensors; types of pressure measurement and pressure-sensing technology; common pressure sensors; types of temperature-sensing technology, thermistor types and their function in circuits; common temperature sensors; types, applications and operation of light sensors such as steering wheel angle sensors; and types of oxygen sensors and their operation. Read More

This eLearning course examines basic electrical theory and includes an overview of the principles of electricity. The properties of electricity, including current, resistance and power are reviewed as well as a discussion of Ohm’s law and an overview of types of conductors, insulators and semiconductors.   Read More

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