Alignment Basics (Part I)

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Joshua Wilson



Recommended Prerequisites:
Steering and Suspension Overview (SS.101 LMS)
Suspension Basics (SS.102 LMS)
Steering Basics (SS.103 LMS)
Length approx. 30 minutes
This online course is designed to enhance the technician’s ability in the areas of modern wheel alignment geometry and service.  Today’s wheel alignment is much more than just adjusting the angles to specs. The material will review diagnostic skills to reduce comebacks and make alignment more profitable.
After completing this online course, the student will recognize the correct procedures to:
• Explain the importance of wheel alignment and when it is necessary
• Practice discussing the importance of proper chassis height and parts integrity and their relationship to wheel alignment
• Interpret tire wear patterns and spot underlying causes
• Educate the vehicle owner to desire quality repairs for extended tire life and optimum vehicle control and handling
• Identify camber, caster and toe and their relationship to tire wear and handling
• Interpret steering axis inclination (SAI), included angle and Ackermann angle to find collision damaged components


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate Garage Gurus Certificate

Alignment Basics (Part I)
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