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Discover how to determine the common causes of the P0420/P0430 code in the 5 Basic Emissions Control Diagnostic Checks eLearning course. You’ll learn the five basic steps for diagnosing issues with the emissions control system. Read More

This eLearning Module is designed to go through each of the 5 Basic Diagnostic Steps for the Emissions Control System, helping to determine common causes of the P0420/P0430 code. Read More

Este módulo de aprendizaje está diseñado para repasar cada uno de los 5 Pasos Básicos para el Diagnostico del Sistema de Control de Emisiones, y ayuda a determinar las causas más comunes que generan el código P0420/P0430. Read More

Get an overview of antilock braking systems with the ABS Systems eLearning course. Specific topics covered include: antilock braking system classifications, various types of antilock braking systems and key components, antilock braking system controls and antilock braking system operation. antilock braking system concerns and the diagnostic techniques associated with them is also covered.   Read More

Learn about the various warning systems used in today’s automobiles to avoid accidents in the Accident Avoidance Systems eLearning course. From lane guidance and parking assist (rear and parallel) systems to collision warning, roll stability control and blind spot detection systems, you’ll get a robust overview of the characteristics and operation of the various accident avoidance systems. Read More

This eLearning course gives a fundamental understanding of automotive air conditioning systems. Included is a thorough discussion on the operation of an automotive air conditioning system. The high (liquid) and low (suction) pressure sides of the system are discussed in detail. This course also reviews the purpose, types, components and operation of various air conditioning system components used in automotive.   Read More

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