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Tire Removal and Installation Read More

This course covers tire wear and tire warranty, explains the reasons for tire replacement, and identifies different types of tire manufacturing and ride disturbance defects. It explores the various types of tire warranties and typical warranty conditions, explains why tire warranty claims are important for your dealership, and identifies conditions that are and are not covered under tire warranties.  Lastly, we cover tire warranty procedures and explain where to find them. Read More

Torch Safety Read More

Transmission Flush Procedure Read More

Troubleshooting ABS Problems Read More

This eLearning course covers both fixed and variable geometry turbochargers. The course gives the technician the information necessary to understand the theory and operation of turbocharged air induction systems. This course provides instruction on techniques for diagnosing the turbocharger using visual inspection and symptom-based diagnosis. A diagnostic approach is defined for both fixed and variable geometry turbochargers is explained using Strategy Based Diagnosis (SBD) principles within a series of videos. Read More

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