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This course is designed to give a brief overview of the key components of the modern exhaust system, with emphasis on the technologies used to reduce or eliminate sound waves within a muffler. Key learning points include types of sound cancellation, how these technologies work, and how these components work with the rest of the exhaust system to safely carry exhaust gasses and sound waves to the rear of a vehicle. Read More

Este curso es un pequeño resumen de los componentes clave en un moderno sistema de escape, enfocándose en las tecnologías usadas dentro de los silenciadores para reducir o eliminar las ondas sonoras. Aprenderemos como esta combinación de tecnología y componentes trabajan en conjunto con el resto del sistema de escape para conducir los gases y ondas sonoras hacia el exterior. Read More

< This eLearning course provides the technician with a logical systematic approach to diagnosis vehicle concerns with accuracy. This course explains in detail the seven steps associated with this process. Read More

This eLearning course covers the different vehicle dynamics and suspension types. You will gain a basic understanding of each type of suspension and how they work. Read More

Windshield Wiper - Inspection & Replacement  Read More

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