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The following 12-module series covers general shop safety including: 1. Properly Lifting Vehicles 2. Tire Balancer Safety 3. Pipe Bender Safety 4. Air Compressor and Air Separator Safety 5. Brake Lathe Safety 6. MIG Welder Safety 7. Torch Safety 8. Strut Compressor Safety 9. Personal Protection Equipment 10. Lockout/Tag-out Procedure 11. Using a Fire Extinguisher 12. Hazard Communications Read more

Part 1 of a 3-part series of courses that will guide Field Managers towards success in their dynamic roles. Read more

Length approx. 30 minutes   This eLearning course provides an overview of common steering and suspension components. The description, location and purpose of each component is described in detail. Special emphasis is placed on how each component works as part of a team to provide optimum tire life, good handling, ride quality and vehicle safety. Common driveline component descriptions are also included in this course. Wear characteristics are provided for key suspension and steering components to provide the technician with the knowledge needed to explain the importance of proper system repair to the vehicle owner. Read more

This eLearning course is designed for the technician in the undercar/alignment area. It provides an overview of the entire suspension and steering systems used on common vehicle applications today. Special emphasis is placed on how all system components work in unison to provide proper handling, ride quality and tire wear. The importance of each component and system is related to wheel alignment and customer satisfaction. At the conclusion, the learner will see the value in listening to and analyzing the system and communicating the results of a chassis inspection to the vehicle owner in order to restore proper alignment, system function and extended tire life. Read more

Prerequisite: Minimum of 2 years automotive experience preferred The eLearning course familiarizes the technician with the various automotive and light truck steering systems in use today. System function, steering geometry and component relationship to wheel alignment are all defined. Proper diagnostic methods of components and vehicle symptoms are included. Industry preferred MAP inspection and communication guidelines are stressed. Read more

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to identify the components and describe the function of steering and suspension systems as well as tires. Students will identify key aspects of tire construction, interpret tire ratings and codes, and recognize the causes of various types of tire wear. This course explains alignment concepts including caster, camber, toe, and steering axis inclination. Read more

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