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*Clinic Length: Approx. 3 hours This clinic focuses on educating technicians on the fast growing technical area of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems technology used on many vehicles. Systems such as blind spot monitoring, adaptive cruise control, collision avoidance, lane departure warning, lane keep assist, side-view cameras and 360° camera use will be discussed. We will highlight calibration methods for these systems within the class showcasing real-world procedures pre and post repair. A primary area of focus will be on where to find relevant information and what equipment is needed to perform these calibrations. Simply connecting a scan tool and clearing the lights that are on in the instrument cluster is not the answer, performing proper calibrations are. After completing this seminar, the student will have the knowledge to: • Understand forward facing camera calibration procedures • Diagnose ADAS system malfunctions related to braking concerns • Test proximity and ultrasonic sensors • Identify resources, information and tools necessary to complete ADAS calibration procedures • Understand forward radar sensor calibration procedures • Analyze related electronic systems that interact with the ADAS system in need of recalibration or adjustment after the alignment procedure Read More

This course covers the incorporation of electrical components into electronic systems.  Technicians will see how all automotive systems now involve some form of microprocessor control.  Technicians learn about design and operation of input sensors and  switches, central processing units, and output devices such as actuators and motors.  It introduces vehicle networks and provides an overview of basic engine management and body electrical systems. Read More

Clinic Length: Approx. 3 hours This clinic will focus on the different types of electronic engine diagnostic procedures used to diagnose today’s engines. Both in cylinder pressure transducers and manifold vacuum transducers used with a digital storage oscilloscope (DSO) can reduce valuable diagnostic and teardown time on today’s VVT equipped multi-cam engines. Engine performance and emissions can be severely impacted by cam timing concerns caused from lack of oil, failed timing chain tensioners and/or stretched timing chains or belts. Volumetric efficiency reductions caused by lack of air flow concerns from restrictions in the intake or exhaust systems can cause Low Power concerns. Engine compression issues can be significant in size or very small, almost undetectable at times, leading to misfire DTCs. Relative compression testing can reduce the time it takes to validate a compression issue on an engine. These types of problems can skew the diagnostic information in the scan tool and can make it unreliable or unclear. In this clinic you learn the benefits of using modern diagnostic equipment and when to use these testing techniques. After completing this clinic, the student will have the knowledge to: • Identify what tests to apply to accurately pinpoint the cause of engine performance concerns such as lack of power, run roughs, air leaks and engine misfire • Perform relative compression tests using both scan tools and lab scopes with a high amp current probe • Perform mechanical engine testing and diagnosis using electronic pressure transducers • Validate engine camshaft to crankshaft correlation accurately using lab scope tests • Utilize new scan tool information and techniques to reduce diagnostic time in the service bay for VVT related faults or symptoms Read More

This 8-module series introduces technicians to advanced vehicle maintenance procedures related to the following topics: 1. Machining Brake Rotors 2. Machining Brake Drums 3. Fluid Leak Diagnosis 4. Fuel System Service 5. Engine Performance 6. Timing Belts 7. Computer Systems 8. Scan Tool Diagnostics Read More

Air and Cabin Filters  Read More

Air Compressor and Air Separator Safety Read More

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