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Clinic Length: Approx. 3 hours This seminar enhances the skills of the professional undercar technician in the area of advanced wheel alignment. It covers suspension and steering diagnosis due to bent parts from accidents and road hazards, vehicle modifications, tire/wheel resizing and height issues. A review of basic alignment angles followed by thorough explanation of steering axis inclination (SAI), included angle (IA), scrub radius and toe out on turns (TOOT) will assist the alignment technician in utilizing the aligner as a diagnostic tool. Related electronic systems are also covered in this course. Vehicle component inspection and customer communication skills are necessary traits for any successful alignment tech and the importance of these skills are stressed in this class.   After completing this seminar, the student will have the knowledge to: Utilize the alignment machine as a diagnostic tool for the alignment and repair of vehicles involved in road hazard incidents and vehicle collisions Identify root causes for uneven or erratic tire wear and handling problems. Effectively communicate the results to the vehicle owner. Identify how vehicle modifications and tire/wheel changes affect alignment and dynamic operation Analyze related electronic systems that interact with the chassis system in need of recalibration or adjustment after the alignment procedure Read More

This eLearning course examines general characteristics of hybrid vehicles, characteristics and modes of operation of parallel, and series/parallel hybrid vehicles, and applications that use hybrid technology. Power electric concepts will be discussed. Idle stop, regenerative braking, motor assist and Engine-Off Drive (EV Mode) strategies are reviewed. Read More

This eLearning course gives a fundamental understanding of automotive air conditioning systems. Included is a thorough discussion on the operation of an automotive air conditioning system. The high (liquid) and low (suction) pressure sides of the system are discussed in detail. This course also reviews the purpose, types, components and operation of various air conditioning system components used in automotive.   Read More

In this eLearning course, you’ll learn how to replace air disc brake pads on a typical steer axle of a tractor. This video-based training course shows how straightforward it is to replace air disc brake pads, and points out a few important things to remember while performing this service. Read More

Recommended Prerequisites: •    Steering and Suspension Overview (SS.101 LMS) •    Suspension Basics (SS.102 LMS) •    Steering Basics (SS.103 LMS)   This eLearning course is designed to enhance the technician’s ability in the areas of modern wheel alignment geometry and service. Today’s wheel alignment is much more than just adjusting the angles to specs. The material will review diagnostic skills to reduce comebacks and make alignment more profitable. Read More

Workshop Length: 4 hours Tuition: $100.00 U.S. 0.4 CEUs awarded This workshop discusses diagnostic shortcuts and test methods that streamline the time spent pinpointing failures within the Ignition system. Modern COP Ignition system operation is reviewed in the classroom and tested in the service bays. Primary and Secondary Ignition waveforms are captured and reviewed in the service bays using the latest automotive diagnostic equipment.   After completing this workshop, the student will have the knowledge to: Interpret enhanced scan tool data helpful in the diagnosing a P0300 (random cylinder misfire) DTC Diagnose ‘hard start’ and ‘no start’ conditions Pinpoint causes of ‘intermittent’ Misfire Analyze Ignition waveforms captured with a lab scope Read More

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