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Garage Gurus® is an industry-leading training and support platform created to address the skills gap and technician shortages facing the automotive service industry.

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Fuel System Service  Read More

Length approx. 30 minutes This eLearning course is designed with a combination of digital media and online testing to enhance the technician’s ability to identify and explain the major components in a vehicle brake system. Read More

This course shows how an internal combustion engine works. Students will be able to define engine characteristics such as bore, stroke, displacement, and compression ratio. Students will learn all the components of an engine including cylinder heads, pistons, rings, valves, the crankshaft, rods, and bearings. Students will also be able to describe the function, components, and operation of the cooling, lubrication, intake, fuel, ignition, and exhaust systems. Read More

One module of a 10-module series that will educate Store Managers on fundamentals and best practices related to hiring, leading, and managing store personnel.  Includes topics such as recruiting the right personnel for the job, balancing management and mentoring, motivating a team through strong leadership, and developing employees through performance feedback. Read More

Workshop Length: 4 hours Tuition: $200.00 U.S. 0.4 CEUs awarded This workshop is designed for technicians who have a basic understanding of electrical theory and are ready to put it to use. A large portion of this class is spent in our state-of-the-art shop working on vehicles with common, everyday automotive electrical test equipment. Technicians walk through a quick procedure to check battery, starting and charging systems, utilizing a DMM to assist in accurate diagnosis. Common sensor inputs and outputs are explored with emphasis on diagnostic procedures and on-car testing. Input testing includes diagnosing three wire analog sensors, variable reluctance sensors and digital sensors. Output testing includes, pulse width modulated solenoids and DC motors. After completing this workshop, the student will have the knowledge to: Diagnose common battery, starting, and charging issues using DMM Understand and diagnose common 3 wire analog and digital  sensors Measure and test Duty Cycle outputs for diagnostics Use amperage draw to diagnose DC Motor failures Read More

Hazard Communication Read More

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